"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea."

-Isak Dinesen

Every once in a while, I read something that perfectly captures lifes experiences in the most simple and eloquent way. The above quote is exactly that for me. In my youth, I participated in countless athletic events and put in thousands of hours training for one sport or another. Secretly, coaches that I have had would hope for a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship of one of thier athletes to end in the middle of a season. Why you ask? Because it meant that person was going to train even harder to keep their mind off of things. A cure, so to speak, to borrow from the words above. We have all come to know the saying "blood, sweat, and tears" to describe sacrifice, but with the simple addition of the word "sea", it changes everything. I am sure that most of us have said that we feel better after a session in the ocean - or that just getting out on the water helps to clear our heads from whatever may be on our minds.

This year at Axon, we are forging in new directions and doing things that have required a lot of sweat and hard work to master. The idea of being able to customize a board that we make has long since been a goal for the brand to give you a product that has been tried and tested on the water, but leaves the creativity up to you. We are starting the customization project with the kite surf range, with the goal to add the twintips in the future. Exciting times, and challenging goals to work towards!

I have used this space in the past to introduce new product lines, describe the origins of the brand, and even to share my thoughts that the reason kiteboarders are different than 99% of the rest of the population is that we cross earth to find ocean - not the other way around. But this time, I simply wanted to say that where ever life has taken or will take you, if you have had a bad day or a good one, let's get out there and splash some saltwater on our faces, breathe in deep, and let go. See you in the waves...

Ben Meyer

Axon Kiteboarding

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